Each class offered at The Way Bible College is designed to give students a strong foundation in which to build on. The classes listed are the equivalent of 60 credit hours (approximately 1.5 hours each) which are required to graduate with an

Associates Degree in Biblical Studies.

  • Biblical Character

    A study of different characters in the Bible and how we, as believers, should/should not model ourselves after their character.

  • New Testament I, II, III

    A three-part study of the New Testament, the books authors, scope, theme, and purpose.

  • Old Testament I, II, III

    A three-part study of the Old Testament of the Bible emphasizing major themes, characters, historical events, geography, and cultures of the times.

  • The Meal That Heals

    An extensive study of "communion" and how it can change your life through increased intimacy with God and bring emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

  • The Holy Spirit and His Gifts I, II

    A two-part class that studies the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit and how to activate them in your life

  • Helps Ministry

    A course designed to give students a biblical understanding of the Helps Ministry in relation to the local church and how it can increase the effectiveness of any ministry.

  • Dreams and Visions

    Do you have dreams? This course will cultivate the gift of dream and vision interpretation for believers today and how to apply those interpretations to the circumstances of life.

  • 7 Covenants God Made With Man

    A study of the 7 Covenants God made with man in Bible.  

  • Biblical Numerology

    A study of numerology, the significance of numbers in the Bible, and how God uses numbers a signs and symbols to the church.

  • Prayer and Fasting

    A study of the biblical principles of prayer and fasting and how they can make a difference in the believers life.

  • Honors Reward

    A class designed to teach the student the principles of honoring God, spiritual authority, and all people.

  • Jewish Roots I, II

    A two-part, in-depth study of the roots of our Christian faith: Judaism. These teachings will help you gain an understanding of Christianity by examining the history of the Jewish people.

  • The  Anointing

    A class that teaches on the anointing of God and how it is present to heal, deliver, set free, and set ablaze anyone who is hungry and desires to be used by God.

  • Biblical Faith I, II

    A two-part class discusses the topic of faith, how to grow in it, and how to use it on a daily basis.

  • Biblical Healing

    This course establishes that God does still heal miraculously today, as portrayed in the scriptures.

  • Prophecy 101

    A study of the fundamentals of the prophetic and how to flow in this gift.

  • Financial Stewardship

    A course designed to help the student manage their finances in the way that God intended. This will give a foundation for the students personal life, as well as equipping them with the truths from scripture regarding tithing and offering.

  • Discipleship

    A study on the need for discipleship today. This course encourages all believers to have a mentor and be a mentor.

  • Leadership

    A study on the qualities of leadership and their importance in being an effective Christian.

  • Believers Authority

    This course is designed to bring the student into a fuller understanding of the authority we have in Jesus Christ.

  • Worship

    The purpose of this course is to give the student an understanding of true worship and how to achieve a deeper level of worship unto God by totally yielding to His presence.

  • Praying Through the Tabernacle

    A study of the Tabernacle of God and how we as believers should use it as a model for our prayer life.

  • The Names of God

    A study of the names of God, revealing His nature from His Word, which will help the student gain a deeper understanding of His promises.

  • Bait of Satan

    A study exposing one of the most deceptive snares the enemy uses to get believers out of the will of God.

  • Inner Healing I, II

    A study on the importance of inner healing as it pertains to being effective in the body of Christ.  Class includes techniques and methods for finding true freedom from the strongholds that prevent us from fulfilling our God given destiny.

  • Christian Philosophy

    What is your philosophy?  This class teaches the need for the correct philosophy of believers as determined by the  word of God.

  • Eschatology

    A study of the prophecies leading to the last days, the rapture, the tribulation, judgment and the eternal life to come.

  • Identity

    A class designed to teach the student who they are in Christ and what the Bible says about them. The student will learn how to overcome negative thinking patterns and experience the freedom that comes from knowing God's word.

  • Apologetics- Defending your Faith

    A class designed to teach the student how to defend their faith.

  • Evangelism 101

    A class designed to teach the students how to witness to people with a practical method to impact and had them to Jesus

  • Revival History

    A study of the major moves of God throughout history and the importance of revival in ourselves and our churches.